1. What is Bernie Rebels?
    We're Vermont Artists who've been supporting Bernie for well over a decade; we saw the need to further Bernie's message in a way that hadn't yet been done. We wanted to provide issue driven clothing that served as conversation pieces and gave Bernie supporters a leg up in debates regarding the differences between the Presidential candidates. As Vermonters we wanted to assist in this campaign as much as possible and we've now been able to make an impact all across the country and even in countries abroad.

  2. Do you donate the proceeds to the campaign?
    With your support we've been able to donate thousands to the official campaign through individual contributions to the max amount allowable by law of $2700 per team member (our team keeps growing ;). In addition, we also support many groups on the ground, delegates in various states and assist in GOTV efforts. It's all about getting our boy Bernie into the White House! 

  3. Does Bernie Rebels accept artistic submissions?
    We welcome any artistic ideas and are creating a Featured Artists section of the site, which will showcase fellow artists and Bernie supporters from all around the country. Please send submissions to Design@BuyBernie.com.

  4. Why buy from Bernie Rebels?
    Unlike most clothing companies, most of our products are made solely here in the USA. We wanted to have as many products American Made as possible and strive to have a fully Made in the USA product line. Being Vermonters and being so directly tied to this campaign, we are in this for all of the right reasons. A purchase from Bernie Rebels is a purchase that WILL make a direct difference in the campaign, unlike many other pop up shops from elsewhere in America. We share in the deep frustrations of the multitude of people trying to profiteer on our movement. 

  5. How else can I support the Bernie Sanders campaign?
    You can support Bernie in a multitude of ways. Canvassing, phonebanking, rallying, and making direct donations of any amount is helpful:
    Contribute to the Official Campaign

  6. Is Bernie Rebels on social media?
    Absolutely Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest 

  7. How can Bernie Rebels be contacted?
    For questions about Orders email support@buybernie.com or you can send us a message to our Bernie Rebels facebook page. Expect a response within 24hrs.